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5-year-old boy with tiny non-functioning legs bathed in love after parent share his story


– A crippled young boy in South Africa is about to receive a donation to buy a wheelchair and more
– When the readers of the Cape Times read about his problems they instantly began to donate money to the child
– The readers hope to raise enough money so that Ibongwe could buy himself a new wheelchair
Ibongwe Tshambu, a five-year-old boy from Cape Town with a crippling lower limbs deformity is about to receive a large donation of cash from the readers of Cape Times.
urrently Ibongwe’s whole family, his parents and two siblings, share a tiny two-room shack. Ibongwe enjoys playing with other children; however he complains that other children often tease him.
When readers of the Cape Times read about Ibongwe’s struggles they decided to help the boy as best they could. The readers opened a trust account with Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital where they could deposit money for Ibongwe.

I will put a deposit of R2 000 (N47,5k) down for the wheelchair to get the wheels turning,” a reader wrote.
Other readers also chimed in about buying a wheelchair for the disabled boy.
A retired social worker that read about Ibongwe’s problems wrote: “Social workers have to provide counseling to the boy and tell him the benefits of him having the surgery. It is possible that the boy can be helped to get back to school.”

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